After a blind leap of faith

I sat on the floor surrounded by boxes, unable to sit on our loveseat filled with more boxes, and breathed deeply. After 18 hours on the road, way too much lifting, and heartfelt goodbyes, my fiance and I were settled in Santa Fe.

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MemoirsElayne Smith
A thud at the window

"My cat threw himself off my lap as if the loud thud we heard was death crashing into the house in search of him. After realizing the thud was not followed by intruders, my cat, with his beefed up tail doubled in size to show his might,  made his way to the windows overlooking the backyard and bird feeder. I followed my little warrior to investigate what had happened. ..."

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Experiencing Vegemite

My lips curled immediately in disgust as my mouth watered over the salty substance in my mouth. Words escaped me as Vegemite danced on my taste buds with a unique and potent flavor. I forced myself to eat more to find words to describe what I had just experienced.

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