5 things I learned from my wedding day

On Oct. 12, I married my best friend and partner, Matt. I hope it wasn’t the best day of our lives, but it was one of them. Sometimes now, I think back to the buildup and laugh. A year of my life spent worrying about one day. Yet what surprised me about the day wasn’t the overwhelming happiness or fortunate weather, it was what I learned.

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A thud at the window

"My cat threw himself off my lap as if the loud thud we heard was death crashing into the house in search of him. After realizing the thud was not followed by intruders, my cat, with his beefed up tail doubled in size to show his might,  made his way to the windows overlooking the backyard and bird feeder. I followed my little warrior to investigate what had happened. ..."

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I told a joke

I told a joke; he laughed. I love his wide-open, toothy smile he makes when he lets out his squeaky rumble of a laugh. He always throws his head back slightly too, just like his mom, enough to show the twinkle hidden in his piercing blue eyes. Although only seven years old, he is smarter than I’ve ever felt and unlike his cousin, he uses confidence instead of arrogance when showing it. He has yet to ask when I’ll go home. Maybe he knows.

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